That’s new adv of qd!!! We just didn’t give any idea of the horses that are in the pictures cause we want the reader go deeply in the info only if they are intrested:

from the left column we have a 18 month colt by Electric Code, and a Rc Fancy Step colt 18 month, the Spangled mare (Mum is full syster of Smart Chic Olena) 18 month,

also the Wimpy Mare 18 month (mum is Shine Like a Babe) , and the last Palomino is a 3yo,  JEF (Jac Electric Spark) in training with Gennaro Lendi, on the Right side there is the firrst daughter of Dance Little Spook with Boomernic a Wealing , Whizpark , 3yo in training with Bernard Fonck, Shine like a Boom , wealing, by Boomercic and Shine Like a Babe, than Magnum Frost by Magnum Chic Dream and Harry’s Gun by Gunner.