Quarter Dream, located on beautiful plains 10 Ha in C.Da Cimino, Monticelli, Ostuni, zip code 72017, Puglia, Italy where the sun n the sea side only at 300 meter, with the most beautiful beaches and the 1000 year old olive trees complete this best environment for let our foal to grew up in health and in optimum mentality. Quarter Dream specializes reining horses.
With stellar athletes and proven performers, Quarter Dream Ranch is home to some of the best bred equine talent the performance horse industry has to offer.
Pietro’s grandfather originally became involved with horses in 1930 during the war, cause he was the chief of the royal horse soldiers.
After 76 years the passion come back, thanks to his wife and the life changes that only the quarter horse can make.
In 2008, the first two horses started to be in training with two of the best trainer in the world the Italian Markus Schopfer for the cow horse show and the Austrian Rudi Kronstainer for reining show.
The operations of breedings and embryo transfer are followed by resident Doctor Giovanna Lazzari of Avantea Srl Clinic (Cremona) and Doctor Roberto Duchi all the other vet assistance by Doctor Agostino Rodio and Doctor Marcelo Grill specialist in joint disease and in all severe problems that can occur if not prevented when foals are grewing up.
The quality of broodmares at Quarter Dream Ranch is truly second to none. When asked what the goal is for Quarter Dream, Helena is clear on the objective. “We are building the highest quality band of broodmares we can,” Pietro explains. “We want our mares became top leading reproducing mares, and our foals also in the customers hands, to be World Champions.”