2016 NRHA ITALIAN FUTURITY – 12-20/11/2016 – Cremona, Italy

 2016 NRHA ITALIAN FUTURITY – 12-20/11/2016 – Cremona , Italy Congratulations to: – Gennaro Lendi & JM Walla Big Star (owned by Quarter Dream) NRHA Italian Futurity 3Y Lev. 4 Open Finalists! – Markus Gebert & Whiz A Lot (owned by Angelika Gebert) NRHA Italian Futurity 3Y Lev. 3 Open 3rd Place! NRHA Italian Futurity 3Y Lev. 4 Open Finalists!

2016 NRHA EUROPEAN DERBY – 19-24/09/2016 – Manerbio (BS)

2016 NRHA EUROPEAN DERBY 19-24/09/2016 – Manerbio (BS) Congratulations to: – Markus Gebert & Sugar Little Step (owned by Quarter Dream) 2016 NRHA European Derby Lev. 3 Open CHAMPIONS (228,5); 2016 NRHA European Derby Lev. 4 Open Co-RE-CHAMPIONS (228,5). – Angelika Gebert & Charly Step N Cool (owned by Angelika Gebert) 2016 NRHA European Derby Lev. 2-3-4 Non Pro Finalists.  

2016 NRHA/ARHA AUSTRIAN FUTURITY – 24-27/08/2016 – Wr. Neudstadt

2016 NRHA/ARHA AUSTRIAN FUTURITY 24-27/08/2016 – Wr. Neudstadt #qdresults!! Congratulations to: – Markus Gebert & Wimpys Little Shine (bred by Quarter Dream) 2016 NRHA/ARHA Austrian Futurity 4yrs Lev. 4 Open Co-Champions (220,5); 2016 NRHA/ARHA Austrian Futurity 4yrs Lev. 3 Open Champions (220,5). – Gennaro Lendi & JM Walla Big Star (owned by Quarter Dream) 2016 NRHA/ARHA Austrian Futurity 3yrs Lev. 4 Open Champions (217). – Angelika Gebert & Whiz A


Finally during the Eu Futurity 2015, Mr. Markus Gebert, 95 000 usd Show Record, 2013 Italian Futurity Winner all level 1-2-3-4, and Quarter Dream , owner LTE 130 000 usd, signed for continue together the reining experience, qd will support Markus Gebert inviting customers of both to believe in this huge project, Gebert will ride qd and customers horses every where around the world always with the qd logo together


DANCE LITTLE SPOOK   NEW SHOW RECORD: $74,724.30; 2011 Italian RHA Futurity OpenL4 Champion; 2012 NRHA European Futurity Open L4 TopTen, Czech Republic Futurity Open L4 Champion, AustrianRHA Futurity 4YO Open L4 finalist; 2013 Italian RHA – NRHADerby Open L4 6th, NRHA European Derby Open L4 Top Ten;2014 Italian RHA – NRHA Derby Open L4 4th.  

Quarter Dream again on Top

Quarter Dream celebrate his new staff with a amazing performance at the Italian Derby 2014, Dance Little Spook and the charming Ann Fonck Poels did a super score again in the shoe life of this outstanding mare that now have more then 60 000 usd show record, and also Christian Possetto did a 4th place in level 1 Open. We declare also our New Manager a famous non pro, a

Merchandising qd

New Merchandising Quarter Dream, pictures available on Facebook, official page Quarter Dream or contact office@quarterdream.com.  

New qd page for Reiner of Italy & Cowboys Magazin

That’s new adv of qd!!! We just didn’t give any idea of the horses that are in the pictures cause we want the reader go deeply in the info only if they are intrested: from the left column we have a 18 month colt by Electric Code, and a Rc Fancy Step colt 18 month, the Spangled mare (Mum is full syster of Smart Chic Olena) 18 month, also the Wimpy Mare

Lyone 2013 a Quarter Dream Success

Grand Prix Open LAWSON TROPHY 2013. Gunna Be Majestic and Bernard Fonk Score 227,5 and Ann Fonk Poels with Dance Little Spook Score 225!!! We are really happy about the Lyone show, with 2 horses in the first 8, with the 4th place of Gunna and the 8th of Dance, the only Breeder with 2 horses in the top 8 and those are 2 mare that already have foals running

Ed&F Man nuovo Sponsor Quarter Dream

ED&F Man LIQUID PRODUCT ITALY S.R.L. DID A AGREEMENT FOR SUPPORT QUARTER DREAM DURING THE 2013 SEASON.   ED&F Man Liquid Products Italia dal 2005 continua la sua azione commerciale iniziata con il marchio SvG. La vicinanza al cliente e l’innovazione tecnologica ci hanno portato a una posizione leader nel mercato dei prodotti liquidi destinati all’industria agroalimentare, al settore agrozootecnico e a quello delle bioenergie. La nostra gamma di prodotti

Gunna Be Majestic Lyone

Gunna Be Majestic, did a super performance in the 2012 season, reaching a total show record of more than 33 405 usd and being the first mare at the World Championship this year, with 4th place in the World Championship, at the time we are writing this article. {youtube}qzQeD0jvPXM{/youtube} We thanks Franco Bertolani for the great job he did, and we will give her a long rest up to next

Gunna Be Majestic ARHA Open Trophy Champion

Franco Bertolani & Gunna Be Majestic: Top Score in Open Trophy The Open Bronze Trophy was the last class of the last but one day of the ARHA Futurity – and what a class it was!! In the end, the top three riders were only half a point apart, the top score being 227.5. This was earned by Franco Bertolani (ITA) after a brilliant performance with Gunna Be Majestic. The

qd catchword

We think at a qd catchword, i was thinking at a super show, and when the idea come, those word let every reiner shiver: Commitment Faith Strength U’re never alone!Hand Over your reins and let him lie downUnhook in agility a roll backBlast the spins away and go back in the pastRun circles as a comet and scream…Quarter Dream!!!

Gunna Be Winter Trophy Champion

Gunna Be Majestic is the 2012 ARAMM Winter Trophy Champion After a impressive shows at “Le Arene” in Corropoli (Te), held the 25 February 2012 , the 5 year old Gunna Be Majestic is still unbeaten… Number 4 entry with e super score of 152,5 (76+76,5) by the international Judges Eugenio Latorre and Filipo Masi, Gunna rided by Franco Bertolani, did the show competing against the majors horses and riders of all europe, making a

Dance Little Spook Italian Open Futurity Champion

Il sogno diventa realtà! The Dream became true, Grazie Rudi, Grazie Stefy , Grazie a Lukas Brucek per il lavoro fatto da puledra, Grazie a Dance Little Spook, Grazie a tutti i nostri amici e sostenitori, e un ringraziamento all’affetto e alla presenza calorosa dei Pugliesi che ci hanno sostenuto in questa avventura al limite dell’impossibile, al primo futurity Open di Quarter Dream. Dance Little Spook , she is a filly

Gunna Be Majestic 2011 4yo Italian Futurity Reserve Champion

Gunna be Majestic and Franco Bertolani are 4yo Italian ITRHA and NRHA Reserve Futurity Champions, Helena said : ” Franco did a great Job and Gunna is a kind of Horse that everyone can ride, she is also a perfect broodmare, we just bet high on her, reserving two super breeding for next year with Smart Spook and Boomernic, I like to see her baby go around the eu show

New place finally qd stile..

Please come to visit us, finally we mouve in our place, qd is still developping all the facility and improve every day, for you and all our customers. you can see from left to right Whizpark, Chex Gotta Crome, and Shine Like a Whiz, on the back the palomino Jef. Here Chex Gotta CromeHere Quarters and recipient mares at pasteurHelena and all the Kids Uman and not…We are still under

Gunna n qd 1st Go 4yo Leader and Dance Little Spook into 3yo let Quarter Dream Dominate the 1st go of the Italian Futurity


Gunna Be Majestic German Futurity Bit Limited Open Champion

Gunna Be Majestic make is total Nrha ernings at 12 600 USD and is the 2011 Champion of the German Limited Open Bit Breders Futurity, we are proud about her and Franco Bertolani for this important result. Gunna Be Majestic ist eine 4-jährige Stute von Gunner aus der Shes A Majestic Whiz, die aus der Zucht der San Juan Ranch stammt und im Besitz von Quarter Dream ist. Bertolani war mit ihr u.a.

Dance with Lukas

Dance Little Spook make her first one hand show and did a great job, Lukas tied with others trainers that are not really intermidiate or for sure Limited Open and make his Mark also thanks to his Master Rudi Kronsteiner !   This is whate nrha.de saing about the show… Bernard Fonck entscheidet Int. Open für sich (12.10.2011 by RB) Die Intermediate Open auf der NRHA Breeders Futurity gewann Bernard Fonck (BEL) mit The

Gunna Be über alles

Gunna Be Majestic and her trainer Franco Bertolani…………. Gunna Be über alles The two are just challenging for the top of positions, without discovery their real potential, after a big season of shows Gunna n Franco are still challenging in the top of european scores, and this is amazing considering that Gunna was one year late in trainig respect the other horses… Startliste Breeders Futurity Bit Open Go2    

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That’s our next advertisement page on the italian version of Reiner and also on Cowboys Magazine that is a italian Western Riding nespaper that goes every month in the shop, and in the next German WESTERN HORSE ….

Eu Derby !! Gunna is in FInal

Manerbio Eu Derby!!!Gunna Be Majestic is Eu Derby 2011 Level 4 n Level 3 finalist, Super Rider : ….. Franco Bertolani.The two did a 219,5 and are 12th in level 4 of a total of 77 horses and 7th in level 3 on a total of 61 horses, and she is only a 4 years old, compeeting with horses up to 7 years old, in Level 4 she is one of the best

Gunna n Dance Be Phenomenals

Both Thumbs Up!!! Dance Little Spook 3Yo and Gunna Be Majestic 4yo Quarter Dream recently, always in the first row for the winning circle, at the ARHA futurity, as first breeder to be so high considering the scores of the 3yo and the 4yo, during the 1st go.Helena said: We are quite happy for those future broodmares, them are out of the normal, and we believe a lot in them and in